What does Hoftel do?

HOFTEL provides a voice for our members as a lobbying group, but also gives them a private forum in which to voice their opinions and compare notes with other owners.

Provides a forum
Allows members to debate, freely and openly, issues that face hotel and serviced apartment owners. Many of these arise in the interaction with hotel brands eg. sharing of purchasing savings, level of recharges, structure of fees, termination arrangements, obligations to upgrade etc. Others may be related to debt financing, such as availability and cost of funds or to government policies eg. REITS, working hours and others may be regulatory eg. revenue reporting and recognition

Is a lobby group
In 2015, we supported the initiatives to produce a universal standard for mobile phone entry systems for hotels, currently led by owner-controlled company Open Key. In other areas, we communicates our concerns to management companies, franchisors, lenders, contractors, governments and regulatory bodies; we campaign on issues where we think hotel owners are not getting a reasonable deal

Is a source of information
Not only for our members, but also for newcomers to the industry. By raising the transparency of the sector to groups like institutional investors, we can make the sector more attractive. Our quarterly Hotel Owners’ Journal addresses issues of concern to owners and provides updates on relevant news and changes in the sector. We, together with one of our supporters, STR Global have launched Leading Indicator Profiler (LIP) that aims to track key leading indicators, to enable our members to get an edge on the overall market in terms of spotting the inflections in the performance of hotels.

Provides networking opportunities
Members and sponsors can learn from each other, and indeed, source transactions, at one of our three private Members’ Summits, or at our networking dinners/cocktails at the hotel investment conferences in Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Berlin and London.

Is a conduit
We conduct surveys of our members and of hotel operating companies, with the aim of allowing each group to understand better the other. We initiated the annual “Owner Friendly Innovation of the Year” award to the hotel management company or franchisor which has implemented a change that raises profits for owners by way of increasing transparency, creating innovation or increasing its responsiveness to owners.

“There were some really interesting discussions among owners about opportunities and challenges, and…the networking opportunity was just great.”

Arjun Fornerod Goodnight Partners