Sponsors and Supporters

A number of third party companies sponsor HOFTEL’s activities. These sponsors support the group with information and articles for the Hotel Owners Journal, but they are not members, and are encouraged not to advertise but rather to provide useful information and specialised advisory services to the members of HOFTEL.


HVS International

Speciality: Hospitality Consulting and Valuation
Benefits: 10% off first appraisal/feasibility by HVS Europe in EMEA area

Contact: Russell Kett
Tel: +44 (0)20 7878 7701
Email: rkett@hvs.com
Website: www.hvs.com


Speciality: Hotel Real Estate Broker

Contact: Ed Fitch
Tel: +44 (0) 7525 159534
Email: ed.fitch@eu.jll.com
Website: www.jll.com/hospitality

Mayer Brown

Speciality: Law Firm

Contact:  Joachim Modlich
Tel:  +49 211 86224-222
Email:  jmodlich@mayerbrown.com
Website: www.mayerbrown.com

Scottish Development International

Speciality: Development Agency

Contact: Stuart Ward
Tel: +44 141 951 3041; +44 7876 785867
Email: stuart.ward@scotent.co.uk
Website: www.sdi.co.uk


Speciality: Germany Deal Structuring Specialist

Contact: Martina Fidlschuster
Tel: +49 69 959 6920
Email: Martina.Fidlschuster@hotour.de
Website: www.hotour.de

Resources for Leisure Assets

Speciality: Wellbeing value-creation consultant

Contact: Roger Allen
Tel: +43 1 71 72 8445; Mob: +43 676 616 8421; +971 55 897 2083
Email: roger@resourcesforleisureassets.com
Website: www.resourcesforleisureassets.com


Speciality: Law Firm

Contact: Robert Williams
Tel: +61 434 077 293
Email: robert.williams@withersworldwide.com
Website: https://www.withersworldwide.com/en-gb/

Clyde & Co

Speciality: Law Firm

Contact: Sarah Khalifa
Tel: +971 56 226 7760
Email: Sarah.Khalifa@clydeco.ae
Website: https://www.clydeco.com/locations/office/dubai

Areen Design

Speciality: Design and Procurement

Contact: Andrew Linwood
Tel: +44 208 748 8088
Email: andrew.linwood@areen.com
Website: http://www.areen.com/


Speciality: Law Firm

Contact: Babette Marzheuser-Wood
Tel: + 442 072 000 000
Email: babette.mwood@dentons.com
Website: www.dentons.com/en

CHEC Port City

Speciality: Development project

Contact: Ming Thow Liang
Tel: +94 11 233 5141-43
Email: liangtm@chec.bj.cn
Website: www.portcitycolombo.lk

Hot Stats

Speciality: Hospitality Industry Benchmarking

Contact: Pablo Alonso
Tel: +44 7521 077454
Email: pablo.alonso@hotstats.com
Website: www.hotstats.com

Faithful + Gould

Speciality: Project management consultancy

Contact: Peter Willmott
Website: www.fgould.com

The Red Sea Development Company

Speciality: Development Project

Contact: Jay Rosen
Tel: +966 11 212 8122
Email: Jay.Rosen@theredsea.sa
Website: https://theredsea.sa

Marjan Properties

Speciality: Development company

Contact: George Saad
Tel: +971 7 2035000
Email: g.saad@marjanproperties.com
Website: http://marjanproperties.com


STR Global

Speciality: Hospitality Industry Benchmarking

Contact: Naureen Ahmed
Tel: +44 (0)207 922 1965
Email: Nahmed@strglobal.com
Website: www.strglobal.com

Hotel Analyst

Speciality: Insightful hotel industry commentary
Benefits: 10% off annual subscription

Contact: Andrew Sangster
Tel: +44 (0)20 8870 6388
Email: andrew@zerotwozero.co.uk
Website: www.hotelanalyst.co.uk

HOFTEL is a place where you meet senior people from other hotel property investors, across virtually every brand and from every corner of the globe, and talk about issues that interest all of us.”

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