Privacy Policy

Hoftel Limited may hold your telephone number including mobile numbers, your email address and, in some cases, other contact details. All our data is kept on our own personal computers (in Outlook contacts, on spreadsheets which will shortly be password protected and, from later in 2018 on a dedicated, GDPR compliant database to be acquired by HOFTEL); and potentially on those computers of selected dedicated consultants assisting us with the database who have signed non-disclosure agreements. Data may be stored in the cloud eg on Dropbox.  Your contact details may also be kept on telephones of staff or consultants employed by HOFTEL Ltd via various social media systems (skype, line, what’s app).

For members, these details may be shared upon request and on a bilateral basis with other members and sponsors.  We also publish contacts for sponsors as supplied by them on the HOFTEL website and in our Hotel Owners’ Journal.

Attendees at our paid Summits will also have their details stored on the Summit networking system.

We do not publish full lists of our members’ and sponsors’ contact details nor do we share such full lists with any third parties, except that HOFTEL Ltd (our UK service company) and HOFTEL ASIA LIMITED may (and usually will) share data with each other.

Sponsors of our public, paid Summits are able to receive lists of attendees at those events, unless those attendees have opted out.

We may share individual members’ and sponsors’ details with selected third parties if we are asked to do so and believe, in good faith, that it may be in the interests of such member or sponsor to be contacted by such specific third party.

Data will be kept indefinitely unless you ask us in writing to delete it (which you can do at any time) or we become aware that it is out of date.  In either of those cases, we will use all reasonable efforts to delete it promptly.

“There were some really interesting discussions among owners about opportunities and challenges, and…the networking opportunity was just great.”

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