HOFTEL provides consulting services to members upon request. Within the HOFTEL team, apart from Simon Allison, who has extensive experience as an investment banker, CFO of an owner and operator and CDO of an operator, two members of the team are both MBAs.

HOFTEL only works for members (and thus only for owners to avoid any conflict of interest).

We can provide advice on:

  • Operator searches
  • MOU and HMA negotiations
  • Forecasting and valuation (though not the provision of formal valuation reports or feasibility studies)
  • Strategic studies
  • Corporate and asset acquisitions and disposals
  • Private equity raising

In the last three years HOFTEL has worked on:

  • A strategic study into a resort hotel fund in Asia
  • Restructuring and disposal of a golf hotel in Europe
  • Assisting with negotiation of an MOU for a potential newbuild luxury resort
  • Assisting with negotiation of a management agreement, technical services agreement and development agreement for a newbuild Asian hotel
  • Assistance with feasibility and operator discussions for a European resort

If you would like HOFTEL’s assistance in any of these areas, please write to us at:

HOFTEL is a place where you meet senior people from other hotel property investors, across virtually every brand and from every corner of the globe, and talk about issues that interest all of us.”

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