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HOFTEL is releasing a series of webinars which focus on the impact of Covid-19 on hotel owners. In this series, we interview our members and hear about their experiences first hand. In this edition we talk to our three of our European members Amaris, Er Yatirim and SHPH about:

  • How their hotels have been affected
  • How the banks have reacted
  • What support they have received from brands
  • Creative solutions to increase revenue
  • The future outlook

We also include a presentation on operational benchmarking from HotStats and an in-depth discussion on hotel valuation with HVS.

00:01:08 – Introduction to HOFTEL
Simon Allison, Chairman & CEO

00:03:49 – Hotel Owner Interview
Richard Nottage, President

00:13:55 – Hotel Owner Interview
John Brennan, Chairman
Amaris Hospitality

00:28:59 – Operational Benchmarking
Michael Grove, Managing Director EMEA

00:51:59 – Hotel Owner Interview
Ferzan Çelikkanat, General Manager
Er Yatirim

01:07:30 – The Future of Hotel Valuations
Russell Kett, Chairman


HOFTEL is a place where you meet senior people from other hotel property investors, across virtually every brand and from every corner of the globe, and talk about issues that interest all of us.”

Gabriel Petersen Blackstone